September 6, 2017

Storm Prep

Here are a few suggestions we have to prepare your in-ground pool for tropical storms and hurricanes:


  • Don’t drain large amounts of water from your pool before the storm.

    This can put your pool at risk for literally popping out of the ground. When the water pressure under your pool builds as a result of higher water tables underground from large amounts of rain, having a sufficient amount of water in your pool is crucial to helping it counter the water pressure from underneath. If you feel you must drain water from your pool to compensate for expected rainfall, you should still keep the water level above the skimmer. If you still feel the need to drain even more out of your pool, make sure the pump is turned OFF at the circuit breaker to ensure your pump will not burn out. Remember, draining more water increases the risk for the pool popping out of the ground.

  • Turn your pump off at the circuit breaker.

    When the first rain bands start to hit is the time to turn off your pump at the circuit breaker. This protects your pump from burning out as a result of running in constant rain. It also helps prevent clogs by not circulating leaves and other debris through the pump and its pipes.

  • Don’t store patio furniture in your pool.

    This may seem convenient, and we aren’t saying it’s an absolute no-no, but you are putting your pool’s surface at risk of damage when you put large pieces of furniture in it. It is fairly safe to put light-weight plastic patio furniture in your pool, but it needs to be placed carefully into the pool and not tossed in and allowed to sink on its own to the bottom. Metal, glass, stone, and really anything other than 100% plastic should never go into the pool. Metal can rust and leave stains behind. Glass can break and cause safety issues. Other heavier weight materials can scratch and stain your pool’s surface. If you have a fiberglass or vinyl-lined pool, never put any kind of furniture in your pool. Overall, you are better off trying to find somewhere else to secure your patio furniture during the storm.

  • Shock your pool before and after the storm.

    If you are one of our weekly pool service customers, as long as it is safe for us to make our service routes we will shock your pool and do whatever we can to keep it blue. Shocking your pool¬† both before and after the storm can help reduce algae growth and can help keep the water from turning green while the pump is not circulating.¬† As soon as possible after the storm is gone and it’s safe to do so, clean all leaves and debris out of your pool. Again, if you are one of our weekly service customers we will be out cleaning pools as soon as it is safe for us to do so. The sooner leaves and debris are out of your pool, the sooner you can turn your pump back on and get the water circulating again, which lessens the chances of having issues with the pool turning green.

  • Above all, stay safe!

    Keep everything in perspective. Safety is the most important thing during a storm. Pools can be cleaned, repaired, and whatever else. Lives cannot be!