March 25, 2017

New Customer Information

Pool Service Professionals, LLC
Information for Customers

We are passionate about providing the best pool services in Central Florida. It is our company’s mission to provide quality trusted service to every pool every time. We stand by our work and strive to ensure our customers truly do enjoy their pools.

Pool Service Professionals, LLC is a family owned and operated company based in Seminole County, Florida. It was formed in 2016 by Kate and Casey Allen for the acquisition of Darrell’s Pool Service, Inc. (in business for over 30 years).

Included in weekly full service: Brush walls, vacuum, skim/net, empty skimmer basket and pump basket, test & balance chemicals, check equipment pad, and at least once per month clean or backwash filter. Technicians also take pictures and record chem readings in an app we use to track and monitor services. Any problems seen at the pool are reported to management and followed up is done with the customer.

Included in weekly chem only service: Test & balance chemicals, clean filter once per month. Technicians also take pictures and record chem readings in an app we use to track and monitor services. Any problems seen at the pool are reported to management and follow up is done with the customer.

Payment structure: Payments are based on a year’s worth of service to keep the rate the same all year. It costs more to maintain a pool during the warmer months than is does to maintain it during the winter months. The way we price a pool’s monthly fee is by looking at the overall weekly cost of service, then we calculate the total for the year and divide it by 12. Some other companies charge a fee for cleaning the pools and then charge extra for chemicals, this makes the price vary from month to month. We like to keep it simple.

Payment due date: Monthly invoices are sent on or immediately following the 3rd weekend of each month. The invoice is for service during the current month of the invoice date. Payments are due by the 5th of the next month. Late fees (up to 10% of the amount due) may apply for chronically late payments.

Payment forms accepted: Address checks to Pool Service Professionals and mail to: PO Box 954056, Lake Mary, FL 32795-4056. We accept all major credit cards through Stripe payments on our website: We can accept credit card payments over the phone (call Kate (386) 852-3517). We can also email invoices through Quickbooks with a link to pay. Payment forms accepted through Quickbooks include Apple Pay, bank transfer, and all major credit cards.

Referrals: We love referrals! If you give us a referral that results in a new weekly service account, we will give you a free month! Please make sure to let us know who you are referring.

Holidays: Holidays we observe include: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (also the Friday after), and Christmas. Our service technicians receive 1 paid week off at Christmas (the week between Christmas and New Years). All holidays are paid days off for our technicians. Pools will receive appropriate care and preparation the week before and the week after these holidays when your service day falls on a holiday listed above.

Severe weather: It is our commitment to leave your pool clean every week. Please understand that wind and severe weather is a regular occurrence and this could result in dirt and leaves getting into your pool within hours of us cleaning it. Pictures and service reports are available upon request if you ever question whether or not your pool was serviced. Call or email Kate to request service reports (contact info is below). In the event of a hurricane or tropical storm, as long as it is safe for us to run our service routes we will shock your pool and do whatever we can to keep it blue before the storm. As soon as possible after the storm is gone and it’s safe to do so, we will be out cleaning pools. In some cases, a storm cleanup charge of $50 or more may apply for large amounts of debris. Please see additional information here:

Questions or concerns: If you ever have a question or a concern related to your service, please contact Casey by phone or text at (407) 864-6909. If you have questions about billing, please contact Kate by phone or text at (386) 852-3517 or email at

We look forward to serving you!
Kate & Casey Allen
Pool Service Professionals, LLC